Our Story

We purchased our first golden retriever, Betsy, many years ago when our kids were in elementary school and ready for their first dog. We chose this breed because of its famous reputation for extraordinary temperament and love of children. Our kids were all raised with a golden of their own. They were involved with 4-H, learning obedience with our first golden girls, Betsy and Maggie Mae.

Our Betsy was bred with Glen Earl of Stonehearth Kennels. Betsy and Earl gave us 8 beautiful healthy puppies. This began our adventures now many years as hobby breeders with golden retrievers as family pets. We are continuing to raise this wonderful breed into our golden years with new determination to better our breed in health, temperament, and conformation. We have enjoyed training our dogs in obedience, trick and therapy work, as well as conformation. We love traveling to dog shows and meeting others who love and preserve our breed. Ivy currently serves as a board member of our local Kansas City Golden Retriever Club.

See our Facebook page www.facebook.com/groups/2186160138377983/ and Instagram for the latest updates on our puppy adventures and become part of Kcs golden dream family.

So glad you are able to enjoy our brood with us!