Bring Home Your Puppy


  • Food recommended for goldens - NO grain free; best options are Purina and RC due to DCM issues

  • Stainless dishes

  • Crate and crate water bowl

  • KONG durable crate mat (only if tested safe)

  • Lupine collar and 6ft leash, loop or short house line

  • Clicker For training And natural treats

  • Treat pouch/with poop bags feature

  • Travel dish

  • Pooper scoop/sanitizer pail

  • KONG balls, toys and KONGs for freezing treats

  • canine enrichment toys - puzzles and food dispensers

  • Grooming- comb and slicker brush, tooth brush and natural flea powder, natural ear cleaner, nail clipper and grinder

  • Puppy shampoo and conditioner

  • Grooming table and dryer are game changers

  • Enzymes cleaner

  • Baby gate(s)

  • Car harness and seatbelt attachment

  • Back seat cover

  • Consider a nice grooming set with thinning shears

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Choosing Foods


Puppy Training

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May we recommended our trainer in Kansas City- Barb Miller Bookside Pet

If you do everything you need to for the first two years of the puppy’s life, you will have the dog of your dreams for the remainder of its life,” , Lewine. AKC website

Puppy Tips

  • Consistent training daily and age appropriate exercise

  • Attend puppy class

  • Strict schedule for eating play potty trips and crate time

  • Take lots of pictures

  • Always supervise or in crate with kong, treat or bone

  • Use as many natural products first before toxic chemicals

  • Read up on DCM and other genetic diseases (No grain free food)

  • Socialize often and teach sit to greet humans

♡ Enjoy puppy hood it flies by

Congratulations on your new puppy!!


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